/Change log

Version 0.2.3
10 June 2020
New functional
— Easy-peasy Autotester
— New filter by «Category» in the premium check
— Support forum
— Social authorization
Bug fixes
— More stable work of tools
Version 0.2.2
29 March 2020
New checks
— Extra characters in font file.
— Unused CSS code.
New functional
— Broken links checker
— Web font optimizer
— Finger friendly checker
— Cache warmer
— Clean CSS does not remove CSS for dynamically generated elements
Bug fixes
— Page checker crashed on long loading pages
Version 0.2.1
21 February 2020
New functional
— New design.
— Support of national domain names.
— User-friendly HTML validator.
Bug fixes
— Dozens of fixed bugs.
Version 0.1.1
14 December 2019
New functional
— Search for stretched images.
— Dozens of design fixes to make the report more clear.
Bug fixes
— Dozens of fixed bugs.
Version 0.1.0
17 November 2019
Stable version
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